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Series 1 Dynamic Drum Lessons Beginner and Intermediate
(2010 Best Seller WorshipMusic.com)

“Defining A Worship Drummer” DVD
2007 Best Selling Worship Resource at Worshipmusic.com

Keith Banks Signature 5A Intense Drumstick
Play with Keith Banks personal signature autographed stick that includes his favorite scripture Matthew 6:33.
This 5A Intense model is extremely known for its durability and...

Keith Banks Jazz Maple Drumstick
“This is Keith’s signature Jazz Maple model used for a softer and more dynamic stick control.
The stick has a barrel shaped tip that helps to bring...

Series 1 Dynamic Drum Lessons
Beginner & Intermediate DVD

In this DVD, you will learn the proper technique of holding the sticks, foot techniques,...


Series 1 Dynamic Drum Lesson Beginner and Intermediate | BOOK

In this DVD, you will learn the proper technique of holding the sticks, foot techniques,...

Series 1 Dynamic Drum Lessons
Advance | DVD

This challenging DVD will introduce some exciting new dynamic drumming concepts including the funk clave...

"Brand New Day" Alisa Nappa

"Brand New Day is a first release from young, anointed, and gifted artist, Alisa Nappa...


"Keith Banks is one of the most Musical Drummers in all Of Christian Music, Keith is Baddddddddd... and one Of the Greatest Brothers that I Know!"
Bobby Sparks (Producer/Keyboardist)
Marcus Miller/Kirk Franklin/Fred Hammond

"Keith Banks is not only an excellent musician but a true worshipper on his instrument I believe he has been raised up to release a prophetic sound and bless the Kingdom in this hour. One of the most intuitive drummers I've played with. It's always a privilege to minister with him."
Klaus (Worship Leader)
Pure Worship Ministries/Christ For The Nations Institute.

"Keith is an extraordinary talented drummer, but most importantly, a passionate worshiper. I have been so impressed with his ability to follow the leading of the Spirit to develop a prophetic flow during worship. He has contributed so much to our tours not only as a musician but also as a minister. I deeply appreciate his humble and Hungry heart for God."
Marco Barrientos (Global Worship Leader)
Aliento Ministries

" Keith Banks is not only gifted to be an anointed, appointed worship drummer, but he also is blessed to be a highly communicative teacher of worship drumming. His all around ministering, whether it be teaching or drumming, transcends beyond the music to the heart of worship. "
Carlos Benson (Producer/Songwriter/Drummer)
Director of Drummers for Jesus International 

From My Heart To Yours

Never minimize what God has in store for your life. For you knoweth not, all what He has called you to do and to become in Him. I have found out that as you commit more of your life unto God, He then reveals your true purpose, identity, and anointing in life.
I challenge you to never allow fear to keep you from being great in the Lord. But always take a step of faith in doing the will of God with confidence, knowing that he will complete the good work within you in His perfect timing. A lot of times we allow people, things, and circumstances to determine our greatness in life. But I have learned that your greatness is determined by your authentic relationship of intimacy with the Lord.
Speaking from my own experience I can say that the will of the Lord for my life has been revealed in my times alone in the Word and in worship with the Lord. So I encourage you from my heart, to never underestimate the greatness of God in your life.

His Servant
Keith Banks

Series 1 Dynamic Drum Lessons Advance Promo video
2010 Best Seller WorshipMusic.com

Defining A Worship Drummer. DVD. -"2007 Bestseller Musician Resources" (Subtitles in Spanish & Japanese)


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