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Keith Banks Signature 5A Intense Drumstick

“Play with Keith Banks personal signature autographed stick that includes his favorite scripture Matthew 6:33.

This 5A Intense model is extremely known for its durability and extra half inch length that allow the drummer to reach around the drummer with less body movement. The combination of the Hickory wood weight and length is idea for all musical styles of drumming. This stick is Keith’s all time favorite stick that he uses in his professional drumming.

Price: $9.99dlls.

NEW - Product
Keith Banks Jazz Maple Drumstick

“This is Keith’s signature Jazz Maple model used for a softer and more dynamic stick control.

The stick has a barrel shaped tip that helps to bring out warm smoother tones from cymbals and snare drum. A great stick for Jazz, Latin, Funk and R&B. It includes Keith Banks autograph signature and scripture.”

Price: $9.99dlls.

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Series 1 Dynamic Drum Lesson Beginner and Intermediate | BOOK

"This rhythm book follows the DVD with each exercise notation on sheet music."

Price: $7.00dlls.


NEW - Product
Series 1 Dynamic Drum Lessons Beginner & Intermediate | DVD - "(2010 Best Seller WorshipMusic.com)"

In this DVD, you will learn the proper technique of holding the sticks, foot techniques, fundamental
basic rudiments, the essential counting system of notations, basic structure of building drum fills, and
developing dynamic grooves...

Price: $15.00dlls.

NEW - Product
"Brand New Day" Alisa Nappa

"Brand New Day is a first release from young, anointed, and gifted artist, Alisa Nappa. Brand New Day features 4 original songs that expresses the heart of worship. This is a production of Keith Banks Music."

Price: $8.00dlls.

NEW - Product
Series 1 Dynamic Drum Lessons
Advance | DVD

This challenging DVD will introduce some exciting new dynamic drumming concepts including the funk clave, cross over hi hat concept, phrasing & articulating, creative drum fills, thinking out the box drumming concepts, and developing versatility in world & cultural rhythms...

2010 Best Seller WorshipMusic.com

Price: $15.00dlls.

Finding The Pocket Of The Groove. PRACTICE-CD

Is a fantastic practicing tool for rhythm players of bass, guitar, piano, keyboard, and percussion. Play along with Keith Banks and develop your groove, feel, pocket, and timing.

Enhance your versatility with such styles as funk, soul, rock, latin, reggae, hip hop, R &B, and fusion.  This practice cd will help you develop your signature sound, touch, and creativity while playing in the pocket of the groove. If you want to take your sound and touch on your instrument to another level, then, “Finding The Pocket of The Groove” is the ultimate

Price: $15.00dlls.

Defining A Worship Drummer. DVD. -"2007 Bestseller Musician Resources" (Subtitles in Spanish & Japanese)

Is an innovative worship teaching that will help define, educate, develop, equip, and bring forth truth to drummers and musicians about what God’s Word says about you on your instrument.

Topics include:

Ministering Vs. Performing
Becoming A Worship Warrior
Prophesying On Your Instrument
Breaking Fear In Your Life

If you want to understand the significance and importance you play with your instrument when you worship God, then Defining a Worship Drummer is the ultimate tool that will help reveal truth, clarity, understanding and life changing knowledge.

Price: $20.00dlls.


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